Full Moon

You’re trying to fix me, I’m not willing to change
I’ve been searching for loopholes, you’re seeing what I ain’t
It’s one more fight before a long night
And it’s one more sigh before a good cry
We ain’t got long before its goodbye
Good try, Good try, Good try

You’ve got it together and I’ve fallen apart
I’m twisting my instincts to fit into your heart
And it’s two or none before I give in
And it’s too far gone for either to win
And you won’t let go and you won’t embrace it
Embrace it
Let’s face it, Let’s Face it, Let’s Face it

Full moon, night sky, good heart, good guy
Right time, wrong life, blue heart reprise

I can’t help resisting, you’re sorry for not
You can’t help assuming, I can’t promise that
Either I can’t speak or you can listen
And if I quit now we’ll call it treason
But a soulless line is hard believing
So I’m leaving, I’m Leaving, I’m leaving

Big dreams, big step, long road, regret
My hate, my faith, my needs awaken

©2005 Leah Hohman-Esser

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