We are deeply sorry to ever have to say that we can’t go through with a show that we’d planned and announced. (Frankly, I don’t recall that it had ever happened prior to this.) It is particularly difficult given the likelihood that these shows may be among the last for

Coming soon!


We’re going to be easing up on the show scheduling a little bit, for a little while. The Summer gigging season is coming to a close. School is starting for the dependents-of-the-band. There’s also the prospect of some recording coming up. We will keep you posted, for certain. If you’re


We just received our updated assignment for the seventh annual edition of the area’s “longest-running grassroots, neighborhood-spanning, weekend-long rockapalooza” – the Deutschtown Music Festival! It’s our seventh appearance there as well. This year we’ll be at the Penn Brewery in their second floor Eisenhall. (The Penn Brewery has multiple stages

Moondog’s Pub – May 25, 2019

Moondog’s Pub – March 22, 2019

Moondog’s Pub – December 22, 2018

Next Up – Deutschtown!

Moondog’s Photo Shoot

  Check out the amazing photo essay from our May 11th show at Moondog’s, by our own Nick Conti. Just click on the image above or go to our Media page.

Next up – Moondogs!

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