We’re going to be easing up on the show scheduling a little bit, for a little while. The Summer gigging season is coming to a close. School is starting for the dependents-of-the-band. There’s also the prospect of some recording coming up. We will keep you posted, for certain.

If you’re on our email distribution list, you’ll be among the first to hear of any updates to this, or to band goings-on in general, including any new shows. If you’re not already on it and you’d like to be, send a note to with an address to add. (That address stays with us.)

In the meantime, here’s something fun. We’ve added a new gallery to our Media page, displaying images of all y’all proudly showing your Brewer’s Row colors. It’s called “Brewer’s Crow Sightings”, and you can find it right here.

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