You be the judge!

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We’ve decided to give you, as a Christmas present, an early opportunity to listen to one of the tracks from There Was a Time We Were Kids, in its entirety, before the album release. We’ve narrowed it down to three – Jimmy, Twentysomething, and Better Way – but we haven’t been able to decide on which one, so we’d like you to decide for us. To help you decide, we’ve added three 45-second snippets to this site’s Music page. To vote, just add your comment to this blog entry (See where it says “Comment” below?) telling us which of the three you’d like to hear.

16 Replies to “You be the judge!”

  1. Tom Horowitz says:

    Better Way.

  2. Jason Esser says:

    I say first snow, but of the 3, jimmy.

  3. Mark Shelleby says:

    Better way

  4. Thom says:

    Better way…. Personally I always liked the Nicholas/lyricist and Lea/vocalist combination.

  5. Constant Slothrop says:


  6. Carebear says:

    Better Way

  7. b hamel says:

    Better Way

  8. Katie N. says:


  9. Noah says:


  10. Lauren says:


  11. A 20-something says:

    20 something

  12. Jake says:


  13. Melissa says:

    Better Way

  14. Lori says:

    Better way

  15. Amy says:

    20 something.

  16. Râchêl says:

    Forgot to tell you mine…. Jimmy

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