First Snow

In a dark corner, alone, in a dark corner bar
Stare through glasses in rows, at bar signs glowing hard
And I start at the sight of your image in streetlights
A smiling-eyed young girl’s window ghost reflection

Set in stone cold air fair skin, your bare cheeks blushing
When the wind kissed you hard-lipped I held my eyes steady
I was nothing, I was lost in some darkness,
Crossed the lost bridges, till you started my heart up

This year in the winter months
Seems the same stuff was splitting us
Passing barely whispers in the back seat of a city bus
We stepped off and you set prints in
Gathering snowdrifts and I
Stood stone still till the last flakes fell

And I felt ice melt from my eyes to my mouth
And I tasted the salt of my wasted guilt
And the city’s falling silent night lights climb the hill
And the wind stood still
And the wind stood still

Back in that dark corner in that dark corner bar
Staring sideways through glasses and I know I done my part
And they won’t ask me to go till the last breaker is thrown
When the last neon’s stopped glowing
I’ll find my new home
I’ll find it
I’ll find my new home

©2007, Nicholas Hohman

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