Stone Wall

I thought I’d buried our stories
Away from the valley
But you’re looking worried
The hillsides are crumbling

Hurry they’re coming
But something ain’t right here
I feel your heart thumping
Why ain’t you running?

This town is all rallied
Us lovers are guilty
Our hours are slipping
The rivers are spilling
These people will kill us

The hillsides are crumbling
The oaks are uprooting
Our stone walls are falling
Our roads are all guarded
They’re tying the nooses

But babe you ain’t running
You stand like a statue
Braced against high winds
You started crying
I was staring right at you

You yell “Stand up, stand tall”
It’s our love after all
We’re a stone wall
Hold my hand and stand tall

This town’s a steam engine
I’ve seen the faces of friends in passenger cars
People, go dowse your torches
Drop your pitchforks and get back to your porches and sitting in the dark

It’s a damned dirty trick to live
Picked up tail ends of tales in the wind and then twist them to truths
You could have made diamonds from dust or bridges from rust
But you just make shit out of love

Why don’t you stand up, stand tall
It’s just love after all
We’re a stone wall
Hold hands and stand tall

Well babe that was something
The way that we stared down the whole town and shook up this old ground
And it was something
The ways sounds travel out to the outskirts and back, wait a second what’s that?

Running start running
Women and children
The old and the young men
Its happening again

The country’s on fire
Their ears burning red
Their eyes open wide with surprise
Mouths running wild
Have you heard what they said?
Have you seen what they did?

Stand up, stand tall
It’s our love after all
We’re a stone wall
Hold hands and stand tall

©2007 Nicholas Hohman

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