Friday, May 1st…

…Brewer’s Row will be on hand to help Wigle Whiskey open their Barrelhouse and Whiskey Garden for the 2015 Summer Season! The party goes on from 6:00 till 9:00. A $25 ticket gets you two of their amazing cocktails, a sample from a tapped cask, a share of a roast

The “Live Music” in this poster is us!

Website Update

We’ve added five more songs to the Lyrics page – First Snow, Jimmy, Own Way Home, Twentysomething, and You Stay. Watch for more!

Website Update

When you scroll to the bottom of any of the pages of this website, you’ll find these friendly, familiar icons… Clicking on one will take you to Brewer’s Row’s YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter page, respectively. So if you’re one of that kind, click away. We’ll see you on the other

Leah and Nick Africano in “Heart of Dreams”…

…at the Thunderbird Café, on March 6, 2015. 

Friday, 3/6 – Brewer’s Row, Paul Tabachneck, and Nick Africano at the Thunderbird!

  This guy – Nick Africano – is going to be performing this song – 15 Flowers – with the full Brewer’s Row band as his backup, this coming Friday, March 6th at the Thunderbird Café, and you don’t want to miss it!    

Next Show

I am extremely pleased to be able to confirm that on Friday, March 6th, Brewer’s Row will be joined by both Nick Africano and Paul Tabachneck at the Thunderbird Café, for what I promise will be a extraordinary night of music. Nick and Paul are each an enormously talented songwriter and

In The Night

First Snow


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