Jimmy’s on the bridge, slinging river rocks again
He’s keeping me on the edge. That’s how he gets when I’m sweating it
I’m standing on the ridge, feeling dizzy
Loose rocks fall to the river’s bed. I turn toward the city

Just a minute Girl, where you going?
I’m moving on now, to things I’ve chosen
Is that right huh, How about staying?
Do you think I’m scared? Do you think I’m you lazy?

A little sun won’t hurt you Josephine
Take your shoes of and get a running start
A little fun won’t make you choke up
So we both chose to come but who will choose to come apart?

Settle down boy, let me down easy
You pleased all of them. Now what about me?
They see another deadbeat. I see a kid with a song and a dream
It’s easy to laugh about it, but you know what else is easy?

Don’t tell me not to look back
Don’t try to make me smile, I don’t need that
You might not be a hustler and I ain’t an angel
But you sure ain’t a saint, and I ain’t no rebel

I got a place to be at the end of the summer
I’ve got a place to stay and its all covered
You might think I’m leaving you, but you’re mistaken
It ain’t about you, I’m just trying to make it

I can stay if I want
Do the same old stuff
Skip the same river rocks
From the raised train tracks
Drink the same cheap beer
At the same dive bar
And blame being late
On the same rusty car

There was a time we were kids
There was a time we were laughing
Wasn’t it better than this?
But now the days move too fast
I went out on a limb
No you were just digging in
Come on now, we’re all sinners
But Babe, what you could have been

©2008, Nicholas Hohman

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