In the Ether

I sing a song, says I’m sorry
She says its all in the ether
I’ll be along in a hurry
Not a worry, on the outside

Well I think I see something settle
Could be the lights in her eye
Well she stands so striking and simple
And so sinful, in the night

Oh and I, I just sift through the sighs
And I see her break down
But I can’t see, through my own eyes,
Through her disguise, my, my

She said she’d settled for better
That I let her slip away
I should have climbed cliffs to get her,
Crossed a river, walked for days

Oh but I, I just stood and watched
Her walk away from me
Oh and it hurts, but that’s okay
It’s my own fault, oh it’s my own fault anyway
That’s what she said, and I believe her

Well I spoke a word in a moment
I turned some heads out in public
I never meant to accuse you
To abuse you, just amuse you

Oh and I, I just called out your name
But you ignored, oh you ignored my words
Babe that’s okay, I’ll go away
Hanging my head, dragging my feet, baby I’m beat

©2004 Nicholas Hohman

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