Do You Believe (In That Now)

The sand that makes my bed tonight
Sticks to my skin and there’s a fog rising
I noticed a single star put up a fight
And it might have won but I was out like a light

Well I remember smelling chlorine on your cheek
And salty kisses land like seasons
Tears wet our lips babe and we had our reasons
You told me you gave up on Jesus
Do you believe in that now?

Well oil rainbows grease the driveways
Muddy footprints, get your head up
Make your be and redd your room up
My mama said you’d get upset

It’s time to go so find the road
And the lives we take leave skin and bones
And the scars we seal with our cars wheels
Bubbling tar sticks to our heels
Do you believe in that now?

Well our luggage was fastened with bonds of brown leather
The roads are like rapids, winds tear at our jackets
And I hear you laughing and I hear you stutter
And I hear you whisper, oh babe I could kiss you
And a sigh and a deep breath sets the dust in motion
And we rode off on a dying stallion we were burning oil by the gallon
Never heard the sound of the sirens
Do you believe in that now?

©2009, Nicholas Hohman

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