Dearly Departed

It’s a little bit late for this conversation
And a couple of drinks have made me impatient
And my buzz is as thick as the smoke in the bar
I’m running quick out of pretext for this war

It’s good that you’re here. I’m glad you made it
It’s great that you’re safe, you were a little bit late
I was a little too clear. I was a little to brazen
But the haze it hid shit from my bitter young baby

It took an hour of passive attacking and trash
Before bad blood was spilled and glasses were crashing
On the floor of the tavern
You were a whore. I was a madman
Our stories were phony
Our claims laced with acid

Passing the buck to the unlucky others
Don’t it bother you now with your mouth in the gutter
It ain’t like I dragged you there by your wrists and your hair
With the people all staring, I didn’t do that

No I didn’t do that, No I didn’t do that
But we’d better get our stories straight
So we can take them to our graves
Without hating ourselves more than anyone else

And I try self-preservation
And I try self-education
Well I hope I didn’t go and use up
All my patience

But don’t call me down-hearted
When my head is in the clouds
You said it yourself
It about time to get out

When you said you were dying I thought you were lying
Pressing your depression the impression was just setting in
I left you alone to cry by yourself, no ride home see you in hell baby
How did you know my love of darkness was just to hide that I was scared shitless?

That’s too much for some but you were such a sucker for disparity
And while heavy eyelids can make for wonders, I still wonder where your visions come from
And rather than our dreams, we’ll live as enemies
One million memories at a time we lose hope with our lives

So as the dearly departed
We’ll rest with our selves
While the rest of our pals
Find the light in our joust

But don’t call me downhearted
When my head is in the clouds
You said it yourself
It about time to get out

©2006 Nicholas Hohman

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