Better Way

I’m hanging out at the station
And I’m minding my own business one day
When I hear a boy and girl in conversation
Now there’s something I’m compelled to convey
She says, This time I know that I’m right
And I ain’t gonna back down today
He seems to ache for a fight
But you’d think he’d see a better way

He says she’s driving him to distraction
If that’s the way she wants it, okay
Despite the obvious attraction
There’s something major in their way
Consider it a matter of morale, or something like
Surviving just to love another day
They say discretion is the better part of valor
So maybe that’s a better way

Find yourself a better way

And now our boy with the girl, per her proposal
Is forced to come to terms with the day
With all the words in the world at his disposal
He couldn’t find the right one to say
He finds himself alone at the station
Bewildered as she marches away
One plausible explanation
He never found a better way

Find yourself a better way

You don’t have to shoot for the moon
Doesn’t need to happen today
But if you don’t start soon
You’ll never find a better way

She might go, don’t let her
Find herself a better way

Find a better way
Find a better way
Find a better way

©2008 Mark Hohman

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